Due to some major corruption, Indian Rd is left in a sorry state. Hey Waterloo and Laurier kids… you thought your student living was bad? Try living in this neighbourhood.

Read about the corruption here, but do note that the bridge people started building this without clearance from the city and with no permission to join the bridge at the border from either the Canadian or American government. They are trying to strong-arm the governments into letting them join this span.

Corruption and abandonment on Indian Rd:

There are eccentric people everywhere. This is a person who makes chopper and cruiser bicycles. His view is the Detroit skyline.

This is what we are living with at our residencies down here. Two summers in two locations of noise, noise, noise.

Southern Ontario ranges from the extremely wealthy to the very poor. There are industry owners in castles and migrant workers who have no rights, no land and in wage slavery shacks living beside each other.

A particularly loaded place, a place of major importance, is North Buxton. North Buxton is one of the terminuses of the Underground Railroad with a major historic site preserved in this small community. Also adjacent is a major oil field and a windfarm. Following is video of a couple derricks, one right on the edge of lake Erie, and a wind farm. Following are photos of some of the places in North Buxton, but not the school or museum. You will have to go there yourself. It is 5 minutes off of the 401, just outside of Chatham.

Pardon the sound and the shake – this was filmed on a small point and shoot.

Why Americans think there are Mounties everywhere

And he is sure creepy

Downtown Windsor and Detroit as seen from a 21st story apartment

Freedom Festival fireworks

I thought these looked like dandelions

The grand finale, after 40 minutes of explosions.

Broken street

Broken City Lab residencies on the most broken street in Windsor

Broken street - Pellisier

Broken Street continued

Storefront Residencies

Second upload  of day two – Welcome to Sin City.

Installed on the brokennest road in one of many broken cities.

I am new at this… Cut me some slack for now and I promise it will get better! 🙂