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There are eccentric people everywhere. This is a person who makes chopper and cruiser bicycles. His view is the Detroit skyline.

This is what we are living with at our residencies down here. Two summers in two locations of noise, noise, noise.

Why Americans think there are Mounties everywhere

And he is sure creepy

Downtown Windsor and Detroit as seen from a 21st story apartment

Freedom Festival fireworks

I thought these looked like dandelions

The grand finale, after 40 minutes of explosions.

Broken street

Broken City Lab residencies on the most broken street in Windsor

Broken street - Pellisier

Broken Street continued

Storefront Residencies

Second upload  of day two – Welcome to Sin City.

Installed on the brokennest road in one of many broken cities.

I am new at this… Cut me some slack for now and I promise it will get better! 🙂